Canadian Philanthropists

The key to an efficient system requires adherence to all details, both large and small. The Ne’eman Foundation maintains offices in both Canada and Israel to ensure that all donations arrive at the intended destinations, per the donors’ wishes, as soon as possible.

The Ne’eman Foundation, from its Canadian and Israeli offices, also monitors the institutions and projects to ensure all requirements are fulfilled under the Canadian tax legislation.

Donors are secure in the knowledge that their tax-deductible gifts will arrive in Israel promptly, allowing their money to go to work as soon as possible. They are also assured that there is a professional with whom they can always speak in Canada and Israel.

Full accountability, accessibility and compliance with the Canadian tax laws – these are the cornerstones upon which the Ne’eman Foundation is built.

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Israeli Non-Profit Organizations

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The Ne’eman Foundation assists Israeli organizations to ensure that their process and documentation conform to the rules prescribed under the Canadian tax legislation so that their projects maintain their tax-deductible status for Canadian donors.

For most Israeli projects, time is critical! Funds are needed as soon as possible. Donations received in Canada are dealt with expediently. Receipts are issued to Canadian donors within 30 days of receipt of the funds.

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