Zefat Academic Collage

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Project Details

Beit Midrash Jewish Learning Program

  • The Beit Midrash program offers its B.A. students a traditional home for in-depth study of Jewish texts and is the only organized Jewish learning activity currently on the Zefat Academic College campus. This extra-curricular learning initiative brings together a very enthusiastic group of students to study Torah for 10 hours a week. The Beit Midrash program is led by a local Jewish scholar in residence Rabbi Beniyahu Bruner who is working with students to create a vibrant Jewish student life through the organization of holiday celebrations, panel discussions and volunteer projects.
  1. Scholarship Program for Needy Students at ZAC
  • 90% of ZAC's student body is native to the Galilee. These students represent the future workforce and civic leadership of the Northern Israeli Periphery. Over 50% of them qualify for scholarship due to economic hardship. Donor opportunities are available and welcome and can be awarded as Scholarships from $1,000, based on need and/or academic excellence and can be awarded according to department.
  • A more significant donation of $50,000 can be directed towards special projects such as the ultra-Orthodox scholarship program, in which ultra-Orthodox students from the Zefat region gain a baccalaureate degree that supports their integration into the workforce therefore reducing the unusually high unemployment rate of this sector.




About Us


Some 2,500 students of diverse backgrounds are earning baccalaureate programs at Zefat Academic College, and enrollment is expected to continue to grow rapidly over the next five years and beyond.  ZAC is committed to opening the door to higher education to as many talented and motivated students as possible from the northern periphery of Israel, many of whom come from low socio-economical strata. Zefat Academic College is located in the heart of the historic Israeli city of Zefat (Tzfat), and serves as the educational and economic anchor of the central Galilee. Unlike its sister-city Jerusalem, Zefat has not, until now, been the recipient of major diaspora investment. As one of the four holy cities of Israel, Zefat is holds a special resonance to the world-wide Jewish communities.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Lisa Keshet
Email: lisak@zefat.ac.il

Our Website: www.zefat.ac.il


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