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Project Details

Women's Spirit (Ruach Nashit) helps women survivors of violence to rebuild their lives through employment and financial independence. We are currently seeking partners for the KIP (Knowledge is Power) project.

Each year, Women's Spirit works with hundreds of women who suffered physical, psychological, economic and sexual violence.

When a woman lives in violence, she suffers more than physical or emotional pain; the abuser often controls every move she makes, keeping her from holding a steady job or working at all; abusers also control family resources, not allowing their abused partner any access to savings or even her own income.

When a woman lives with violence, her freedom is taken from her; she doesn't have any financial resources and many times very little knowledge on how to manage a family budget. This situation keeps many women in their violent life – they fear that they couldn't sustain themselves and their children without their husband. They are trapped.

Over 200,000 women is Israel suffer from violence; Women's Spirit works to break the cycle of violence and provide women with tools and knowledge to reach financial security and independence.

In the KIP (Knowledge is Power) Project, women survivors of violence receive scholarships for vocational trainings or academic studies, to help them develop a professional future.

Women who come to Women's Spirit are usually poor, with limited or no income, no savings and no social network to rely on. Studying is their dream, a chance at a better future – but it is not affordable for them as they care for young children and fight to keep their head above water.

No one can change the entire world; but you CAN change SOMEONE's world.

Please support KIP and help another woman to rebuild her life, escape violence and become financially independent.


We wish to raise 30,000 $ for the KIP project in 2016. Every Dollar counts and brings us closer to pulling another woman out of the cycle of violence; we welcome donations on all levels!

About Us


" I first met you two years ago; when I arrived at the first meeting with Inbal my coordinator I was a wreck, I remember I was crying. I was lost.

I wasn't happy. I was disappointed with myself, with no self-esteem not to mention self-love… And then the change began; small moments of happiness started occurring as a result of the fulfilment I got from being proactive, as a result of setting goals for myself and achieving them, as a result of accomplishing what I've waited for, for so long. Now, I have two feet on the ground, I'm strong, I make a nice living and keep increasing my income, I have great successes and many clients are seeking my legal help.
I'm financially independent, there's no doubt about it. I no longer need financial support.. I make a very nice living on my own, but I never forget where I came from and the amazing journey I went through"
Sagit, an independent lawyer, Women's Spirit participant

Our Mission
Women's Spirit works to advance personal and financial security of women who suffered violence, in an effort to prevent reoccurring violence and help women build a safe and independent life.

Our Story
Women's Spirit was founded in 2007, by Maki Neaman; Maki was driven by a vision to give women survivors of violence a chance to start over.

She knew the hard reality of violence very well. Her mother suffered many years of violence until she found the courage to leave. Maki learned, through her mother's story and the stories of many women she met when researching the issue, that financial dependence is the number one cause keeping women in violence.

Women's Spirit was founded to provide a solution to all women survivors of violence who felt powerless and small.

What makes us special?
Women's Spirit is the only organization helping women survivors of violence through employment and financial security.

Women's Spirit unique model is different than any other offered to violence survivors in Israel. Many wonderful organizations provide crisis care, shelter and immediate assistance in times of emergency.  We provide women with a personally tailored, long term solution, to help them permanently leave the cycle of violence.

The problem we address
When a woman suffers violence, she carries her scars inside and out. Physical, Psychological, Sexual and Economic violence all have a severe effect on the body and mind.
Women who suffered violence deal with low self-esteem and self-reliance; they are often isolated from family and friends by the abusers so have no comforting and supporting community to rely on when transitioning from violence. They are alone, many times caring for small children.

But violence also damages their ability to find work and financial security. Abusers often control their every move, keeping a woman from working or developing a career; they deny her access to bank accounts and savings, taking money from her and writing debts in her name. The lack of financial security keeps women in violence since they fear they wouldn't be able to take care of themselves and their children.

Many women who do escape violence find themselves with no savings, no work and no professional future. With no consecutive work experience and little or no training, they have very little faith in themselves and have trouble reentering the employment world.

For that reason a large percentage of women who manage to transition out of violence eventually return to their abusive partners.

What do we do to fix it?
Women's Spirit addresses the specific barriers women survivors of violence face when trying to change their lives.

We help women out of poverty and violence, and to rebuild their lives on their own.

Each of our participants (clients) builds a personal plan, including the following services:
Employment Skills Workshop, Financial Literacy Training, Mentoring, Vocational Trainings, Academic Studies, Small Business Training for independent business owners and job placement.
Each woman stays with us for a period of six months-two and a half years, according to her need.

We also address the systematic barriers trapping women in violence and poverty in order to create true change in society; for this purpose we work to raise awareness among general public and public service providers to the importance of economic development for violence survivors and collaborate with businesses and volunteers that work with the women themselves to help them advance professionally and financially.

Michal Gilad
Administrator of the Friends of the Medical Center
Phone: +972-72-2507770
Fax: +972-3-6310089
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 51141, Tel Aviv, Israel 6713813

Our Website: www.ruach-nashit.org.il

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