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Project Details

The Gidonim Project

Home to Europe’s largest Jewish community before the Holocaust, Poland today has thousands of Jewish graves that have been all but destroyed and abandoned. Many were vandalized by the Nazis, and with today’s Jewish population being a fraction of what it once was, too many are left with no one to physically maintain them. Since 2004, graduates and teachers of Jerusalem’s Re’ut High School have travelled to Poland almost every year to renovate the Jewish cemeteries. The summer of 2016 will be the fifth year they will be working in Czestochowa, which was established in 1799. By restoring and documenting forgotten Jewish graves, volunteers seek to honor the memory of those whose burial places would have been tended by their own families, had they not been murdered in the Holocaust. There still remains much work to be done, with hundreds of graves waiting to be restored. You can be part of the mitzvah of showing respect for the dead, by supporting this important project.

Project’s timetable: Eight to ten days, every summer

Budget:     $50,000          Secured Funding: $46,000

Balance to be raised: $4,000

The Niot Project: Helping Israeli teens with learning differences succeed at school

Israeli students with learning difficulties face an added frustration in that the Israeli education system does not subsidize diagnostic testing, counselling, or professional guidance for their teachers – all necessities to fully meet their additional needs. The Niot Project enables students with learning difficulties, their parents, and school staff to work together in order to improve the students’ academic performance and emotional resilience. By providing school-based learning centers to provide support and training, a special coordinator to ensure that all available resources are being used in the most optimal way by the students, and professional evaluations to determine the best interventions for each student, the Niot Project gives students with learning differences the extra support they need to reach their full potential. Your donation will provide students with learning difficulties the extra help they need to succeed.

Project’s timetable: School year 2016/17 (Sept. 2016-June 2017)

Budget:           $80,000                                                          Secured Funding: $45,000

Balance to be raised: $35,000

Funding opportunities:

A Gift of $10,000 will help sponsor 20 psycho-didactic evaluations;

A Gift of $5,500 will help provide Drama Therapy targeted intervention sessions;

A gift of $8,000 will provide remedial teaching at Ein Carmit Residence.

Important Remark: Please, mention in your contribution the name of the project you would want to donate.

About Us


The Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) is a non-profit organization empowering youth from disadvantaged communities in Israel to attain distinction in all their educational, social and leadership endeavors.

SAE reaches over 15,000 youth every day in the following innovative ways:

Operating eight (12) residential education campuses and high schools in Jerusalem, Kfar Saba and Netanya. These campuses enable 2,000 talented teenagers from the geographic and economic periphery to live, study, and achieve excellent grades along side their peers from the big cities.

Providing a basket of educational support services to 10,000 Ethiopian-Israeli children in 52 cities across the country.

Project Na'ale: Enabling 1,200 Jewish teenagers from the former Soviet Union, Europe, South America and the USA to complete an Israeli matriculation certificate in three years.

Assisting 2,200 young adults that experienced psychological trauma or illness during their youth to receive special dispensation and enroll in Israeli universities.

For more information, we are here for any question:

Shoshana Becker
Resource Development

Telephone: +972-2-6441131


Our Website:

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