The National Institute of The Rehabilitation of The Brain Injured

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Project Details

The National Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured ("the Institute") is a public non-profit organization providing advanced neuropsychological and psychosocial rehabilitation services to over 250 clients each year, following brain injuries sustained primarily in combat, accidents and terror attacks, or due to acquired diseases. As our clients face the immense cognitive, emotional and social challenges associated with brain injury, our ultimate goal is to help them regain quality of life and develop the necessary skills to successfully reintegrate into the workforce.

We are currently raising funds to benefit the Institute's Placement Unit, which is dedicated to helping patients find employment or enroll in appropriate academic and professional training programs. Successful placement in suitable vocational and educational environments overwhelmingly increases confidence and personal fulfillment, and is immensely significant to the well-being of clients and their families.

Starting a few months into the comprehensive rehabilitation process, the Placement Unit guides clients in the various stages of preparation for and integration into the workplace, from initial career counseling to interview simulations to site visits and long-term post-placement follow-up. Meanwhile, the Unit continually seeks collaborations with potential employers and works closely with existing employers to provide high-level professional training and guidance throughout the process of assimilating employees with brain injuries.

With your support, we hope to raise 35,000 CAD in 2015 to maintain and expand the diverse activities of the Placement Unit, including extended vocational guidance and follow-up for clients, additional training workshops for employers, and novel research in the field of employment following severe brain injury.


About Us


The National Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured ("the Institute") is a public non-profit organization dedicated to the neuropsychological and psychosocial rehabilitation of brain-injured civilians and army veterans, and to the support of their families.

The Institute opened its doors in 1975 as Israel's first and leading provider of professional rehabilitation services for individuals with brain injuries. It now serves over 250 patients each year, following cerebral cranial, traumatic brain and closed head injuries sustained primarily in combat, accidents and terror attacks, as well as post-concussion syndrome, brain cancer and other acquired CNS diseases.


The Institute’s core programs include:

  • Neuropsychological and cognitive-rehabilitation day centers
  • Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment
  • Individual rehabilitation counseling and psychotherapy
  • Prevocational rehabilitation workshops
  • Supported employment programs
  • Social clubs
  • Family counseling
  • Comprehensive workplace placement services

Patients may be referred by the Rehabilitation Division of the Ministry of Defense, the National Insurance Institute, HMOs and private insurance companies. These institutions subsidize basic treatment and professional placement services, with the ultimate goal of allowing patients to re-enter the workforce or enroll in academic or professional training programs.

The Institute's board of directors includes highly experienced, prominent public representatives and members of various funding organizations. The sixty professional staff members - including rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, placement workers, teachers, vocational instructors, speech and art therapists and psychiatric consultants - are led by a team of highly-qualified and experienced clinical supervisors and managers, most of whom also serve as faculty members at universities and academic institutions. In addition, the Institute provides pre- and post-doctoral internship programs in rehabilitation psychology and clinical neuropsychology.


The Institute has branches at three locations:

  • The Recanati Rehabilitation Center, Tel Aviv
  • The Spitzer Rehabilitation Center, Haifa
  • The Gesher – Galilee Center, Tefen Industrial Area

Rehabilitation programs at all centers are supported by the activities of the Institute's Assessment Unit, which performs comprehensive neuropsychological and vocational evaluations of all patients at various time points. Data regarding assessment and therapy is continually collected and analyzed by our Research Unit, to monitor methods and outcomes.

Management offices are located at the Tel Aviv branch.


Scientific research and development are an integral part of the Institute's activities and focus on outcome studies and effectiveness of treatment methods. Through research fellowships and additional academic collaborations, plans are currently underway to broaden the scope of research in diverse areas of neuropsychology, aging, psychopathology, memory and learning, rehabilitation and cognitive therapy.

For more information, please contact:

Rachel Hirsh
Resource Coordinator
Tel: 054-5712747

Mor Tzang
Head of Placement Department
Tel: 054-4956408

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