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Project Details

Project Focus: Equipment Lending Unit

There are approximately 65,000 children with disabilities in Israel. Without assistive equipment, such as specialized walkers and standers, many of these children are not able to do simple tasks such as sit, stand, eat, walk and bathe. Mobility or the ability to stand on their own is essential to general development and allowing proper blood flow. Children who lack this equipment are, therefore, at risk for other health problems and compounded developmental issues in addition to isolation from family and other social activities. This assistive equipment is often prohibitively expensive or not available in Israel. While the Keren Malki Equipment Lending Unit (ELU) provides this equipment to families with disabled children in Israel for free, the need far outweighs the supply. As a result, there is a long waiting list of children whose quality of life and development would be greatly enhanced if they had access to such equipment.

We are currently raising CAD 14,500 to purchase 6 Rifton Gait Trainers (specialized walking frames), designed to teach children with severe disabilities to walk. They are suitable for small children starting at 9 months old.

About Us


The Malki Foundation was established in 2001, by Frimet and Arnold Roth to honor the memory of their daughter Malki, murdered in a terrorist attack in the heart of Jerusalem when she was fifteen. Malki’s experiences with her own severely disabled youngest sister led her to become passionate about bringing happiness, support and encouragement to the lives of children facing similar challenges. Malki volunteered to work with children with special needs. At school and in the community, she inspired her peers to do the same.

For more than a dozen years, the Malki Foundation has been a source of empowerment for families choosing homecare for their child with special needs. We believe no living arrangements work better for a child with special needs than living at home, and no caregivers – and advocates – do a better job than the parents and siblings. Many believe institutional care always exacts a high price in its negative impact on the child and the family.

Strictly non-sectarian and apolitical, the Malki Foundation gives support to every part of Israel’s social and religious spectrum. It comes via two channels: long-term lending of homecare equipment like walkers and standers; and funding essential paramedical therapies. More than 3,700 families have benefitted, via 40,000+ hours of paramedical therapies and more than 5,000 equipment loans.

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Zelda Braun
Director, American Friends of Keren Malki
Tel: 917-584-8252

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