Talmud Tora Toras Chaim

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Project Details

“A  Jew will not be judged on what he did not achieve, but on what he could have achieved but did not.”  

Let’s help ensure that every pupil achieves his full academic and social potential, because:

 Jewish Education of our children is crucial to guarantee the future of the Jewish People.

“Torat Chaim” is an exceptionally important Talmud Torah (Religious Primary School) because of its triple mission:

  1. Thorough grounding in traditional Jewish texts and ethical behavior;
  2. Development of personal and social responsibility;
  3. Realization of the full potential of all pupils.

The program for the “realization of the full potential of all pupils”, addresses the needs of pupils with above-average and with below-average learning and/or inter-personal capabilities, respectively.

It has two objectives:
1.  To realize the full academic and social potential of all pupils; and
2.  To avoid frustrations which lead to emotional and physical “drop-out”.

There are five activities:

1. One-on-one interaction, to reinforce self-confidence and overcome learning disability;
2.  Occupational therapy, e.g. gardening, carpentry;
3. “Can do”, to develop individual strengths;
4. Supplementary lessons;
5. “Challenge learning”, for gifted pupils.

In addition, there is a wide-ranging program for parents:  to guide them in communicating with their children and to explain the realities of the environment.

The programs are designed and executed by professional educators.


About Us


“Toras Chaim” is a member of “Tiferes Rechasim”, a group of educational and charitable institutions located in the town of Rechasim, adjacent to Kfar Chasidim, near Haifa, Israel.

“Toras Chaim” is very different from almost all other Talmudei Torah in Israel:

It is a “chareidi” institution, embodying traditional Torah chinuch, educating and molding primary-school boys in personal and community responsibility by emphasizing mussar, derech eretz, and mitzvos bein adam l’chavero.   Limudei chol are also an important part of the daily program.  Every talmid is treated individually: although the teaching/learning syllabus is at a high academic level, there is an additional program for exceptionally gifted talmidim; at the same time, special attention is given to the weaker talmidim, ensuring that they too eventually excel.  An extensive social challenge program professionally addresses issues such as supplementary tuition, emotional support and extra-mural activities. Teachers are carefully selected; one of the criteria is the ability to instill a love of learning, moral values and inter-personal respect, all in a spirit of joy.   

Current enrollment is 223 talmidim, in Grades 1 to 8.    

“Toras Chaim” chinuch is highly regarded in the educational community and enjoys the support and commendations of leading Rabbis in Israel, as well as parents of the talmidim, social workers and government inspectors.

“Torat Chaim”,  Amuta # 580405496

Rabbi Raphael Winnett
Mobile: +972-52-763 9753
Office: +972-4-904 0427


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