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Project Details

Project Focus: Speech! At their Fingertips!

Children suffering from Autism spectrum disorders, with varying levels of function are students at Sulam’s communications kindergartens.  Unfortunately, they are completely unable to communicate with those around them.  In short, they are outcasts, locked in their speechless world.

An amazing new tool, which is in use worldwide, is beginning to open the door to communication for these children.  I Pads.  They are small enough to be used outside, can be programmed with the latest communications apps, and not least, the children love to use them. We have seen amazing results with I Pad use by our autistic children.  From single words, they can progress to sentences, and slowly to normal speech.

Fundraising Goals
Sulam needs to purchase as many I-pads as we can so that we can give every child the key to unlock the prison doors.

About Us


Sulam, helping our special needs children climb the ladder to success!!

The SULAM organization, founded in 1981, is a pioneer in special education in Israel. It's to enable special needs children to achieve their maximum functioning potential and quality of life. SULAM works with children with a range of challenges including cognitive and/or motor dysfunction, developmental delays, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), emotional problems, and combinations thereof.

Sulam has set up ten branches, throughout Israel, which care for 520 children from six months to seventeen years. The children undergo intensive and comprehensive evaluation after which an individual therapy program is set up.

The therapies are age appropriate and geared specifically to each child’s specific needs. Treatment options include psychological, emotional,  speech and language development. music, art, sport, crafts, zoo therapy, sensory diet, DIR Floortime, Snoezelen, the therapeutic kitchen, and others. The children are also taught life skills, which will enable them to live independent, respected lives

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