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Shutaf Inclusion Programs in Jerusalem,, offers year-round, inclusive activities for more than than 150 children and teens, ages 6-21, with and without disabilities. Activities include day camps during Passover and August vacations; weekly after-school activities; Young Leadership Program for Teens and family gatherings. Shutaf is a place of complete acceptance and inclusion for all kids of all abilities; religious and secular, rich and poor, from all cultural backgrounds.

Shutaf Summer Camp for Children and Teens with Disabilities

Send a child with disabilities to camp today! More than 60% of all Shutaf participants request and receive scholarship assistance on our subsidized camper tuition. Our three-week inclusive day camp this August, which includes busing, breakfast and snacks, will serve 100 children and teens (75% children with disabilities, 25% children without disabilities). The full cost for this much needed camp is $75,000.

$750 will cover the full cost of one child with disabilities for 3-weeks of Shutaf Inclusive Summer Camp this August.

Your help makes a difference in the lives of children and teens with disabilities and their families who wait all year for Shutaf Summer Camp. Thank you!

About Us


Shutaf Inclusion Programs was founded in 2007 and currently serves 150 children and teens, ages 6-25 - with and without disabilities - at its year-round programs: Camps during Passover and August school vacations; twice-weekly youth groups; Young Leadership Program for teens; Parent support and family education.

Shutaf’s “reverse inclusion” model is innovative – 75% of our campers have special needs, with developmental issues as diverse as ADD, ADHD, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities and general developmental delays, along with a minority group of 25% typically-developing children. The program is geared to the needs of children with disabilities first, while still being a program that can be enjoyed by their peers without disabilities.

Program design and implementation are important educational concerns at Shutaf. Every element of the Shutaf program emphasizes therapeutic principles, from the pace of the day, to managing transitions, dealing with sensory challenges and maintaining a high staff-child ratio. Staff is trained throughout the year, offering them the necessary tools to succeed in their work, as well as engage and inspire them.

Shutaf’s Teen Young Leadership Program provides teens – with and without special needs – with the skills, self-confidence, support and mentorship to begin their preparation for successful adulthood. Shutaf teaches self-identity, advocacy and awareness, helping teens build a sense of self-esteem and empowerment along with all-important independent living skills, job training and experience. These abilities, along with a sense of caring for the broader community are needed in order to become an active and compassionate member of society - working, striving for change and educating others.

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