SHEKEL – Community Services for People with Special Needs

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Project Details

Project: Fulfilling careers for people with disabilities

Employment is about more than livelihood. A person's work affects their quality of life, level of independence, how they view themselves and how they are perceived by society. Like everyone else, people with disabilities need meaningful challenging employment in order to advance, develop and integrate into the wider community, as confident contributing members of society.

Realizing that Israel's thriving restaurant and eatery industries have much to offer people with special needs, the SHEKEL vocational rehabilitation program launched the "HARUTZIM" bistro-café in the heart of Jerusalem's industrial area. HARUTZIM employs and trains people with special needs for work in every area of Israel's restaurant industry. In fact, half of its 12 employed staff have special needs and they play a central role in the daily operation of the café.

Once fully trained, trainees are free to take their place as valued independent employees in Israel's private business sector. The SHEKEL vocational rehabilitation program then helps them find employment and integrate into their new work environment, providing long-term follow up with employers and employees in order to ensure success.

The SHEKEL café project needs $50,000 for training, employment placement and follow-up.

About Us


SHEKEL is committed to giving people with special needs the chance to grow and thrive as vital included members of Israel society. Realizing that people with disabilities have the same needs and requirements as the rest of the community, SHEKEL offers a wide range of services and frameworks, aimed at providing the same opportunities and support systems available to typical people. 

Serving 8,000 children and adults with disabilities, from all ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, SHEKEL works to provide equality of opportunity at every level and in every facet of life.

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Sharon S
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Our Address: 64 Emek Refaim Street, Jerusalem, Israel 9314215

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