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Project Details

Sweet Possibilities - Professional Training to Youth at Risk through chocolate making, and it's sustainability in the environment by the youth themselves at various schools in the areas.

We need for this project 40,000 $ per year

Bnei Mitzva Project for 70 youths, in the memory of the soldiers lost in Protective Edge. Boys and girls in the Shaalei Tikva Network throughout the country from financially or otherwise challenged background. , Sponser a kid 500$

Kaffe Klatsche - Shaalei Tikva’s new initiative to teach and empower women from Ethiopian background is a huge success so far! They are learning about technology, computers, smart phones, and how to navigatge in the modern world, and the same time receiving guidance and direction in how to parent their children with the modern challenges they face. We hope to replicate this initiative in more cities throughout the country. For this project we estimate a cost of 7000$ per year.


About Us


Since 1999, Shaalei Tikva has been working for the welfare of disadvantaged children in cooperation with local municipalities throughout Israel. Together with a network of volunteers, composed of young, committed families who live in the most underprivileged, older neighborhoods in Israel's cities, they reach out and help the local residents. It began with a Bayit Cham ( "a warm home" ) that provided a kind, loving and safe place for children at risk in the after-school hours in Bet Shemesh; hot meals, help with homework, various programs and a nourishing environment where children at risk could grow and prosper.

Today, there is a Bayit Cham in Bet Shemesh, Or Yehuda, Katzrin, Kadima, Garin Hadar Haifa, Givat Olga and Afikei Golan, for 150 children at risk with programs and frameworks that are making a difference in the lives of entire families.

For more information, please contact:

Miriam Maor
Our Address:
Shaalei Tikva, 16 Nachal Sorek, Beit Shemesh 99091-20, Israel

USA Mobile: 1-323-283-8580 | Israel Mobile: +972-58-7123-707

Bayit Cham Bet Shemesh
Pini Wolf, Director
Mobile: 054-3331365

Bayit Cham Or Yehuda
David Cohen, Director
Mobile: 052-8776800

Bayit Cham Kadima-Zoran
Hai Razabi, Director
Mobile: 050-4235347

Bayit Cham Netanya
Yisrael Perl, Director
Mobile: 052-7906060

Bayit Cham Haifa
Daniel Rivkin, Director
Mobile: 054-3331374

Bayit Cham Rechovot
Ronel Bibi, Director
Mobile: 052-2466836

Bayit Cham Zfat
Tamar, Director
Mobile: 050-4727792

Our Website:


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