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 Protection from Rockets and Missiles for Sderot's Students - Shlomo's Story                                  

Shlomo, a young eight-year-old boy from Sderot, loved to play outside like all children his age. One Friday evening, as he was playing with his siblings, the terror organization Hamas from Gaza City, just under a mile away, fired Kassam rockets at Sderot. These rockets were meant for Shlomo and every other citizen possible. The siren went off and everyone ran for cover. Shlomo was frightened by the fact that, as little as he was, he knew he had only 15 seconds to find a safe haven. His mother often had to decide, while dispersing her children between daycare and school during other sirens – who to unbuckle first and where she and her kids should run for cover.

Luckily, Shlomo happened to be near the protected dining room of the local Hesder Yeshiva. He ran as fast as his little legs could take him and burst into the dining room together with a few other people from Sderot who happened to be nearby and also knew about the rocket-proof dining room.

Thank G-d, the Kassam rocket that fell upon the city that evening didn't hurt Shlomo or his neighbors. They found protection on time, and they knew where they'd be safe.

In order to allow Yeshiva students and IDF soldiers a place to rest, study and respond to the battered Sderot community unhindered, the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva is currently building its third and final rocket-proof dormitory and study building. Now in its final stage of construction, the building will comprise fifteen dormitory units (each unit can house up to six students/soldiers) and five classrooms, all of which serve as actual bomb shelters. Each unit meets all official standards required by the Homeland Security Command, including a thick reinforced concrete perimeter and thick armored windows.

Armored construction is 30 percent more expensive than conventional construction. We are struggling to finish this last building and are in dire need of additional funds in order to complete the project and protect our students, fellow neighbors, and IDF soldiers battling to protect Israel.

Join us in completing this important project and we would be happy to name the designated area in your honor.

Naming Opportunities: 

Dedication of Entire Rocket-Proof Campus:     $1,000,000

Dedication of Rocket-Proof Dormitory:               $500,000

Dedication of Smaller Protected Dormitory:        $360,000

Dedication of Protected Classroom:                    $54,000

Dedication of Protected Dormitory Unit:               $36,000

Help us respond to Israel's enemies by fortifying Torah study and security on Israel's frontlines!

About Us


Founded in 1996 by two young visionaries from Staten Island, NY, seeking to strengthen Jewish education while assisting Israel's southern peripheries, the Hesder Program of Sderot was founded. Today, it is Israel's largest Hesder framework, combining high-level Judaic studies with proactive community and IDF service, and has over 800 students in three branches in Israel's Negev. During security escalations and rocket attacks, the organization provides social and educational programs for youth, elderly and families, emergency response teams during security escalations and rocket attacks, and physical protection in its protected campus buildings for citizens and for IDF soldiers serving in and around the Gaza Strip.

For more information, please contact:

Binyamin Schwartz
Resource Development
Mobile: +972 542336143

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