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Project Details

Project Focus: SAHI's Emergency Aid Unit

The 2014 Protective Edge operation and recent waves of extreme weather conditions, lead to a design and establishment of emergency units lead by the youth that provide assistance in times of extreme need. The initiative is a community-based response to the need of vulnerable/in-need people, families, senior citizens and people with special needs that become more vulnerable at times of national crisis, war, natural disaster and extreme weather conditions. The unit will be run and comprised of youth at-risk themselves, with supervision of our staff and relevant community and municipal agencies (such as Minhal Kehilati – Community Unit in the municipality). The unit will on an ongoing basis maintain a mapping of neighborhood needs, and will provide real-time assistance in the form of rescue from apartments, allocation of food and heating/cooling devices in extreme weather conditions that risk lives, CPR, social support and serve as liaison to the appropriate emergency providers – the Police, paramedic teams and social workers.

Project Cost

 Item Activity Description Amount in USD
SAHI Emergency Aid Unit CoordinatorPart-time community liaison and youth project coordinator (30%)7,800 USD
Storage cabinets with locks5 locks and cabinets – for all units will need to store the equipment, uniforms and have them readily available in local secured cabinets1,500 USD
Uniform and winter gearThe youth wear neon vests, in eth winter need warm gear when they aid others1,600 USD
First aid, fire extinguishers, flashlightsAll teams need to be equipped for emergency time needs2,300 USD
TrainingCPR/Fire dept trainings for the leaders and staff1,000 USD
MaterialsEmergency car rental, flyers, training manual, pads with emergency numbers, Ovens, blankets etc for people in need2,000 USD
16,200 USD

About Us


Established in 2009, S.A.H.I. transforms the lives of Israel's disadvantaged 'street kids' based a unique strength-based approach in which the youth themselves engage in acts of giving and helping others. Rather than being treated as the ones in-need, SAHI youth are full partners and change agents and develop a real sense of self-worth, belonging and eventually aptness to return to normative life tracks such as enlisting in IDF, completing school, gaining employment and more. Our work over the past five years clearly demonstrates that this model leads to significant positive psychological and behavioral changes in the lives of the youth as well as their communities, families and the broader circles of volunteers and beneficiaries.[1]

It all started with lighting a bonfire in a bad neighborhood in Kiryat Gat and a few street kids approaching and talking about their lives and what are they missing. It then developed into the first Secret Giving Youth Squad of at-risk youth that began giving back to their community and soon became an active force of change in Kiryat Gat. That was the beginning.

Today, there are 15 S.A.H.I. youth-led Secret Giving Squads with over 350 Israeli youth participating in weekly sessions of learning, gathering and engaging in acts of giving. The youth form, initiate and lead Secret Giving Squads who work together in their own communities assisting others in-need. The giving acts are a means to shift the youth's stances and perceptions from outcast and in-need to capable and with power to affect change. The youth initiate acts of giving such as: delivering food packages to over 300 families in-need in their communities on a weekly basis, renovating and cleaning elderly and Holocaust survivors' residences, helping people with disabilities with their chores and in times of extreme vulnerability such as extreme weather and war and more. SAHI's youth squads are located throughout the country, including Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Lachish, Kiryat Gat, Merhavim, with our youth coming from Israel's socio-geographic periphery.

[1] Michaeli Neli, Thesis 2013 on "Sahi Respect"- How acts of kindness and secret giving affect at-risk youth and their lives. Bar Ilan University.

For more information, please contact:

Avraham Hayun
Email: avraham@sahi-israel.org

Our Website: www.sahi-israel.org

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