Refanah Healing Holidays

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Project Details

To provide a recuperative respite for women, men and children touched by cancer together with their supportive circle of family or friends. Refanah is the only organization in Israel providing cancer survivors the opportunity to enjoy and reconnect and rejuvenate their physical and mental health in ordinary holiday environments. Generous holiday unit owners throughout Israel donate the accommodations for each healing holiday. We are seeking matching funding to maintain, expand and improve our services to include covering out-of-pocket expenses of the cabin owners and providing basic additions such as breakfasts and transportation.

Our financial target for 2015: $30,000

About Us


Refanah Healing Holidays is a new health-oriented, non-profit initiative in Israel, providing a unique service for cancer survivors. In doing so, Refanah also facilitates the Jewish values of social responsibility and encouragement of community giving, leveraging resources that are not always fully utilized – unoccupied holiday units - for the benefit of others in need. There are no other organizations in Israel dedicated solely to providing a holiday without financial worries for cancer survivors and those living with cancer.

There are 17,000 new cancer survivors in Israel every year. Each of them can potentially enjoy a Refanah holiday. We receive referrals from HMO’s, hospitals and other grassroots organizations. To date, less than six months into full operation, more than 70 cancer survivors have enjoyed a Refanah Healing Holiday together with more than 220 family members or friends.

Ms. Robyn Shames, a Canadian born lawyer, and social entrepreneur with over 11 years of experience in non-profit management, is the founder and manager of Refanah.

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