Pitchon Lev

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Project Details

"Touching the Horizon" educational enterprise - "Program 7"

"Program 7" is an empowerment program based on a cognitive-behavioral approach that equips young people with the tools they need to become productive adults both for themselves and for society, and to develop their natural gifts and talents. The program operates in collaboration with and approved by the ministry of education and the IDF. The program mentors at risk youth across the state of Israel, over a period of 7 consecutive years and consists of the following stages:


Compelling Results

  • 94% of the program’s participants enlist in the IDF (significantly higher than the percentage in the population at large)
  • 92% of the youth that participated cite that their self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and sense of self-worth have significantly improved
  • 93% of the students from classes which participated in the program earned their high school degrees (compared to 7% in similar classes which did not participate in “Program 7”)
  • 87% of the program's participants achieved the program’s goal.

About Us


Since 1998, Pitchon Lev, an apolitical, non- profit organization, has been working to fulfill its vision of breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty in Israel. In order to realize this vision, we operate at three dimensions program:

Short-term – Humanitarian Assistance:

Our aid centers help 250,000 people in need every year, which are referred by social
workers throughout the state of Israel. Every month, we distribute 6,500 food baskets
to families and infants, clothing and shoes, toys and games, electronic appliances,
and household items. We also provide hairdresser services and Legal and medical

Long-term – Education:

Pitchon Lev’s educational enterprise, “Touching the Horizon”, is an empowerment program that operates in schools across the country and mentors youth over a period of 7 years, from the 10th grad until one year after military service.

Strategic term - Pitchon-Lev's "War on Poverty" law:

Our many years of experience in the field have shown that only action at a national-institutional level will lead to a significant reduction in poverty rates in Israel. We therefore drafted the Pitchon-Lev Law which obligates the government to implement a national, multi-year, systematic program via a poverty treatment authority, that includes measurable objectives, and timetables and budgets to be incorporated into the annual state budget

For more information, contact:

Moti Tzofi
Partnerships Manager
Email: mottyt@plev.org.il
Tel: +972-52-5251525 

Our Website: www.pitchonlev.org.il