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Project Details

Current programming:

This project began three years ago at the first center

of its kind, in Ra’anana. Ten teachers, some of whom were

subject teachers, while others were home room teachers, participated in the program.

The teachers met once a week for joint learning on the following subjects:

A. The principles of education and approaches to students in this generation.
B. Discussion and clarification of educational issues raised by the teachers from their experiences in the classroom.
C. Lesson plan preparation.
D.Encounters with leading educators and intellectuals.

With Hashem’s help, 7 centers operated this year in various cities and communities – Ra’anana, Petach Tikva, Ashdod, Acco, Alonei Shilo and Karnei Shomron. About 115 teachers who already teach at secular high schools participated in the learning programs at these centers, as well as 65 teachers and education students who are interested in teaching at secular high schools. All the participants would like to continue attending this program in the coming year, and feel the positive impact of the program on their abilities as teachers and educators. In addition, several of the subject teachers were offered promotions to home room teacher positions.

Plans for the coming year:

A. Deepening and developing the existing training and guidance programs.
B. Writing teaching materials about the weekly Torah portion for teachers at secular high schools. on Sukot 2015, we had the first book about the Parashat Shavua.
C. Establishing refresher programs and keeping in touch with graduates of the various programs – personal tutoring for teachers, 6 conventions

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