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Project Details

Current programming:

Last year we held High Holiday prayer services at about 65 kibbutzim, including some for which this was their first ever Yom Kippur service. We also provided logistic assistance to other organizations that held services in additional locales.

Regular lectures – We introduced a regular lecture program for youth and adults in the Misgav region.

Enveloping Gaza with Love – A Panim el Panim project to strengthen the communities on the Gaza perimeter.

We believe it is very important to maintain contact with the kibbutzim throughout the year and increase our activities there, specifically in preparation for the other Jewish festivals and programs with the youth, such as Bar Mitzvah and wedding preparation classes.

Plans for the coming year:

High Holidays activities at about 80 kibbutzim.
Activities surrounding the other festivals and Bar Mitzvah programs at some of the kibbutzim.
Increasing the number of regular lectures at the kibbutzim in the north.

Dedication options:

Sponsor the Yom Kippur project – $18,000 (including transportation, food and activity materials).

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About Us


For more information, please contact:

Aviel Yanai | אביאל ינאי
Canada Relations Coordinator

Canada Tel: 416-642-4347 (Ext #1)
U.S. Tel: 647-624-9227
Israel Tel: 052-605-1534

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