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Project Details

Beit Daniel will offer a housing option, for new immigrants that have no other home in Israel, where they will have a clean place to live, stocked with food and hot meals and people who care about them. The home will be their “home away from home” – which will offer physical, emotional and familial support.

Beit Daniel is located in Moshav Naveh – on the Mechinat Otzem campus – where the boys spend their first year in Israel learning and going through personal growth before continuing into their new path in Israel. It is in this way a natural continuation in the process of their becoming fully integrated members of Israeli society.

Beit Daniel will be a house for approximately 12 complete from “A to Z” with furniture, appliances, air conditioning, linens, kitchenware , food, transportation and of course a close connection with the Mechina and the community around it and anything else that they might need or want.

Each of the boys has an adoptive family to help surround him with a warm and caring environment.

About Us


Mechinat OTZEM was founded over 20 years ago in order to prepare young religious men for a meaningful service in the Israeli Defense Force.

Today OTZEM- is one of the most influential institutions among the religious Zionist sector in Israel.

Three years ago we began a unique program within the Mechina for young men from abroad. The goal of the program is to allow teens who have grown up outside of Israel to completely integrate into the Israeli program, and to go through the same track that the Israelis do.

In order that they be as successful as possible in this, a special program including ulpan (Hebrew lessons), some English classes, tours and tiyulim above and beyond those offered to the Israeli, and adoptive families in the Moshav of Neve, where the Mechina is located, is offered.

After their studies in the Mechina a high percentage of the overseas students chose to serve in the I.D.F.

Here too we continue to support them, through the challenges that their army service can provide. We accompany them throughout their service and support them in a number of ways.

For more information, please contact:

Mobile: +972-52-880-1927

Mobile: +972-52-312-1398

Our Website: www.otzem.org.il

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