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Project Details

This year, we plan to hold many events for hundreds of participants which will take place in hotels across the country. The activities will include a reception, a festive breakfast/lunch/dinner, lectures, recreational and enrichment activities, support groups, reflexology, sing-a-long, beauty treatments and more.

About Us


Irit Oren Gunders, Lieutenant Colonel (res.), founded the Association and serves as its CEO. In the framework of her military duty as Head of Human Resources Division of the Combat Engineering Corps, Irit met many bereaved parents, accompanied them through their worst hours and realized they need support in order to break out of their depression and isolation. When she was discharged from the army she held meetings in her house for bereaved parents of soldiers from the combat engineering corps. As time went by, more parents joined the meetings and in 2008 she founded Or Lamishpachot for bereaved parents in order to fill their lives with positive social activities and empower them.

Or Lamishpachot serves as a comprehensive family support program that fills the families' lives with substance and social endeavors which generate positive change, provide them with meaningful experiences, and help reinforce family ties. Today, Or Lamishpachot maintains an extensive and varied operation for bereaved parents from all over Israel, with over 3,500 parents and siblings taking part in the activities- a number which grows every year. We invest great efforts to reach every family of fallen soldiers, both veteran and newly bereaved families. Irit personally knows every family and their story and is greatly appreciated by the families.

The Association was granted the 2013 Presidential Award for Volunteerism for its unique contribution to social welfare in Israel.

For more information, please contact:

Eldad Bronshtein

Email: 1or4family@gmail.com
Mobile: +972 54-9848899

Our Website: www.or-family.com

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