Old Yishuv Court Museum

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Project Details

Rational and Goals of the Project: "My Jerusalem"

To teach the schoolchildren about the development outward of Jerusalem, beginning in the 19th century, from the Old City to the New City.

The museum documents the way of life in this period and makes eminently clear the reasons for exiting the Walls (of the Old City).

The program continues throughout the entire school year and corresponds with the subject matter on the theme of 'leaving the Walls' that is studied every year by the elementary school pupils.

The program includes an experiential visit to the Old Yishuv Court Museum, a theatrical dramatization in the Mishkenot Sheananim neighborhood, the Jewish Quarter, and the Museum.

The Goals of the Program:
1. To give the schoolchildren a closer sense of the historical background of Jerusalem and to strengthen their feelings of belonging to the city.
2. To expose the schoolchildren to historical material: photographs, testimonies, documents, etc.

The program was carried out with great success in the 2016 school year and won praise from the educational staff of the schools.

Actor – 1500 NIS per class
The students pay 23 NIS (for a 3-hour tour of the museum, the Jewish Quarter, and Mishkenot Sheananim, including entrance fees for the museum).

About Us


The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum is housed in a 500 year old building in the old city of Jerusalem.  It provides a rare glimpse into the way of life for the people who lived in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City from the Ottoman period until the establishment of the Jewish State.  The objects and artifacts on exhibit in the Museum tell the stories of the people's lives: birth, work, marriage, playthings, joy and sorrow, the hardships encountered daily, contentment with that which is, and a deep faith in the Creator.

For hundreds of years, the Jews in the Old City lived a precarious life, socially, economically and physically. In some ways these are very different times from ours; we enjoy tremendous advances in health and technology and have a basic confidence in the survival of the Jewish people.  Yet there are also serious social and economic challenges facing Israel which are not so different from those faced by the Jews 65, 100 or even 500 years ago.  For this reason it is especially vital to present to Israel's younger generation an in-depth view of life in old Jerusalem and the enormous tenacity that the people then exhibited in dealing with their daily challenges.  The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum exposes visitors to the way Jews lived in old Jerusalem until 1948, authentically presenting the problems and solutions characteristic of the place and time.

We have learned that visiting the Old Yishuv Court Museum while touring the Old City strongly impacts the visitors by providing visual and experiential evidence of life actually lived by the Jews, now and in the past.

For more information, please contact:

Ora Pikel-Tzabari
Director of Resource Development
Email: museum-o@zahav.net.il
Mobile: +972 52-4002478
Tel: +972 2-6276319

Our Website: www.oyc.co.il

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