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Project Details

Neve Avraham was founded in 1989 by Chaviva and Moshe Tzahor who after adopting a baby girl with special needs were exposed to the world of paramedical therapeutic treatments. Today, Neve Avraham treats 300 children a year, providing speech and occupational therapy, emotional therapies such as art, drama, movement, and animal-assisted therapy, and more.

Your Impact

By supporting Neve Avraham, you’ll help us:

  • Treat more children each week with speech, emotional and occupational therapies
  • Help dozens of children reach their full potential
  • Develop new and innovative programs that improve lives
  • More art, movement and animal-assisted treatments
  • Help children of new immigrant families overcome language and cultural barriers
  • Improve the lives of kids dealing with trauma from the uneasy security situation
  • Enhance family and community relationships through facilitated parent-child time
  • Help guide parents through the struggles they face and enhance understanding of what their children need

About Us


Neve Avraham's Story

Moshe and Chaviva Tzahor were among the early residents of Kiryat Arba. Kiryat Arba is located on the outskirts of Hebron in the Judean hills, about 19 miles south of Jerusalem. Over thirty years ago, they adopted their special daughter Liat, a blind baby who needed a home. Although Chaviva was pregnant with their eighth child at the time, the couple took her home and surrounded her with love, care, and devotion. As Liat’s disabilities became clear, Chaviva made endless trips back and forth to Jerusalem to find the best possible treatments for her. Experiencing the difficulties of traveling to Jerusalem for treatments in a challenging security situation or harsh winter weather, she and Moshe decided to establish their own treatment center so that other families with special needs children could receive treatments close to home.

Neve Avraham's Motto

Chaviva’s motto is: “Every Child is a Success Story!” She believes that given the appropriate therapeutic treatments, special needs children and children with developmental delays can thrive, grow, and learn, and many of them can be integrated into regular classrooms.

Neve Avraham's Treatments

At the time of establishment, the types of treatments offered at Neve Avraham were considered new and innovative. We continue to provide a wide range of top therapies focused on helping children lead full, productive, and fulfilling lives. Many of the families who join us have made aliyah and thus have their share of language, socio-economic and cultural challenges as well. With programs such as “Parent’s Fitness Club” and “Language Enrichment for Olim Children” we aid parents and families in their transition and assimilation into our country. By supporting Neve Avraham, you’re not only ensuring that each child receives the treatment he or she needs, but that their families are assisted as well.

For more information, please contact:

Neve Avraham - Child Development Center
Mina Yehudit Guveri
Executive Director
Mobile: +972-50-9639922

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