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Project Details

Project Focus: Negba’s Teen Club of Hope in Beersheva

In 2012 Negba launched the Teen Club of Hope in Beersheva. The Teen Club serves as the second phase in Negba's long-term framework for children at-risk from ages 6–18, accompanying them continuously from first grade through adolescence and up to army or national service, university study or employment.  The same children who are cared for at Negba's Beersheva Houses of Hope from ages 6-12, progress thereafter to the Teen Club, ensuring that the investment in these children will not be lost, and greatly equipping them for a successful future.

The Teen Club provides youth aged 13 and up with strong after-school programming they sorely lack. It is open five days a week during the school year from 13:00 -18:30, and during the July summer break.  Its relaxed space includes an entertainment center, work space and a library, a fully equipped computers room and kitchenette.  Upon arrival each day, teens eat a nutritious hot meal in a warm family setting.  Teens receive assistance with homework, customized academic tutoring, and then engage in a host of structured social, cultural and sports enrichment activities.  A weekly biking program serves as a central component challenging the teens and building group identity.  Equally empowering is the mentoring component in which some teens serve as role models for younger children at-risk in Negba's Houses of Hope, assisting with homework and running social activities.  Direct staff of the Teen Club consists of a program coordinator, a counselor, national service volunteers and volunteers from the community.  Daily supervision and training is conducted by Negba's Educational Program Director and a Negba Social Worker.

Each teen's academic progress is evaluated twice annually through meetings with school teachers and the review of school report cards, and through tools such as questionnaires, observations and feedback discussions.  Social and psychological counseling is conducted in collaboration with the Beersheva Municipality.  Negba also engages the Kaye Academic College of Education in Beersheva to conduct a year-long formative evaluation and accompaniment assessment of the Teen Club.

The ultimate goal of the Teen Club project is to empower the teens to become individuals capable of shaping their own future.  This overarching goal permeates every aspect of the project, and is a long term goal achieved years later in the life of the teen, well after they leave Negba's care.  More immediate, expected results of the project are as follows:

  • Improved academic and professional potential
  • Minimized violence and increased respect for others
  • Lower dropout rates from school
  • Bolstered self confidence
  • Heightened sense of commitment to the community and society at large
  • Increased confidence in authority figures and adults

Project Cost: $224,000

About Us


Negba’s mission is to help Israeli children from underprivileged homes develop their social, emotional, intellectual and cultural capacities to the same levels as in children born into families with greater opportunities.  Through informal education, individual tutoring, balanced and nutritious meals, enrichment and cultural activities, Negba's programs enable children at-risk to flourish and grow into inquisitive young adults prepared to continue with higher education or build a vocational career following their national service tenure.

Negba's central aims are as follows:

  • To provide children at-risk with an after-school sanctuary where they are sheltered in a caring, family-like environment.
  • To facilitate the academic success of Israel's children at-risk.
  • To foster healthy social and psychological growth of Israel's children at-risk.
  • To engage parents as partners in the care of their children at-risk.
  • To intervene as early as possible in the care of children at-risk and to accompany them to the onset of adulthood, be it army or national service, university study or employment.

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Daniel Sheer

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