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Project Details

This year is a pivotal year for Mothers With Meaning as we are getting our projects off the ground! We need the funding to create mini communities around Israel comprised of enthusiastic mothers looking to make a difference. We hope to have over 130 new leadership mothers joining the community that will engage thousands of Israeli mothers around the country. They will study together, create high impact social projects and will help unite Israeli society. Join us!

Our financial goal for 2016 is to raise $250,000. We already have $100,000 pledged, leaving us with a $150,000 shortfall.

About Us


Join Mothers With Meaning for the Journey of a Lifetime

We were moved, inspired and connected. Together, we Israeli women joined an incredible voyage with the MOMentum trips run by the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project and decided that we wanted to keep the journey going. We founded Mothers With Meaning to create a community of mothers who had the same life-changing experience and to make a difference in our lives, in the lives of our communities and in the global Jewish community.

Mothers With Meaning is based on personal empowerment toward social change, founded on Jewish learning and values.

In just two years, we are already hundreds of Israeli moms forming an impactful community for those around us.

Mothers With Meaning has two basic goals: Firstly, to help the members of the community grow together as a community and facilitate opportunities on a personal and family level. Secondly, the community is about empowering our women to be a wellspring of ideas for making Israel and the international community a better place. Whether through Purim care packages, the Shabbat Project, a barter zone for building off each others' strengths, we are motivating thousands to become partners throughout the country to build together based upon shared Jewish values and learning.

The community takes pride in being able to provide a “home base” for mothers from around the world  who wish to connect to authentic Jewish Israeli mothers.

We welcome you, dear Jewish mother, to become a partner in making the world a better place through connecting to Israel, motherhood and our shared heritage, together with MOTHERS WITH MEANING!

Mothers With Meaning is run and funded by the ACHKIMA non-profit organization in partnership with JWRP and Aish Israel.

For more information, please contact:

Shimon Kaufman
Mobile: +972-52-4231419

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