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The Youth Leadership Development in Israel's Periphery project is a direct response to the acute leadership crisis in peripheral areas of Israel, where the majority of the population belongs to underprivileged sectors of Israeli society. In these regions, we will offer dozens of youth from all sectors of Israeli society – Jewish & Arab, religious & secular, new immigrant & veteran and others – the opportunity to not only take charge of their lives, but to lead long-term change within their communities. Youth will be exposed to the best leadership development methods, will begin to identify their strengths and work on their shortcomings, practice teamwork skills, learn how to motivate people, identify social needs, and develop creative, community-based programs to meet these needs.
LEAD’s two-year Youth Leadership Development in Israel's Periphery program includes three main courses of action:

1. Leadership seminars: the seminars (2-3 days each) vary, each focuses on a different issue that is of importance to the leadership development process. Each seminar has a specific goal and is based on a unique training method.

2. Training in regional teams: the regional teams meet twice a month for a 3-hour session, together with a professional facilitator allocated to each of the teams. During these meetings, the participants learn and practice important leadership skills such as influencing others, effective presentation, conflict resolution, project management, reflection and introspection.

3. Social change projects: one of the most effective ways to train youth and develop their leadership skills is providing them with hands-on experience. Therefore, participants are expected to initiate, plan and conduct various kinds of social change and community-based projects during their training. These projects not only significantly advance social change and greatly help many disadvantaged groups in Israeli society, but they also allow the young participants an incredibly unique opportunity to gain experience in project management, conflict resolution, and influencing and motivating peers, which we believe will prove especially valuable for underprivileged youth.

About Us



When asked what we do at LEAD our answer is, we polish diamonds, human dimonds. Diamonds are rare, they have unique properties and are highly valuable.
Our goal at LEAD is to identify those “diamonds in the rough”, polish them and enables them to lead significant change in their local, national and international communities.
Founded in 1999, LEAD is devoted to revitalizing Israel’s leadership culture. Its main objective is to guide young leaders toward more ethical, responsible and intelligent leadership. To achieve that, we select high school students from all over Israel and invite them to participate in a two-years training program. Following the completion of our core program we invite the graduates to join our advanced training program, which serves them until the age of thirty five.

Unlike most leadership organizations around the world, we believe in building character before skills. Most leadership programs stress skills while neglecting the invaluable personal properties. These properties can only be acquired thorough self-examination and inner-work. LEAD believes that only after young people fully grasp and accept the burdens of being a leader, they develop leadership skills in a new light and eagerly strive to attain them. This transformational model—one that entails leadership as a way of life—has earned LEAD its excelent reputation worldwide.

But the program does not end there. During the two years program the paticipants are expected to initiate social and business project with real value to sociey. Many of these orojects have earned national and international recognitions.

We believe that the leadership skills which our trainees acquire in LEAD are not easily attained through formal education. In a the real world, with inflation of academic degrees, success resides in one’s ability to develop entrepreneurial acumen. The path to success requires an adaptive mindset, a bias to action and willingness to inject unconventional ideas into the development of new goods and services. Our trainees are already on that track. Many of them have developed technological, business and social careers in Israel contributing their part to the, so called, "start-up nation.”

For more information, please contact:

Eliav  Zakay
Email: garyc@merkazherzog.org.il
Mobile: +972-528322255
Tel: +972-3-5762651

Our Website: www.lead.org.il

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