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Project Details

Project Focus: Enhancing The Access of Ultra-Orthodox Communities in Israel to Information on Rights and Entitlements

The overall objective of the project is to allow a significant improvement of Rights and Entitlements take-up by the ultra-orthodox communities in Israel, through enhancing their access to information regarding these.

Through this improvement in take-up, the overall quality of life, consumption of existing services- particularly in situations of low income / poverty, disabilities and extreme life situation – may be dramatically improved.

The take-up of rights and entitlements in Israel, as in other countries, is around 50%, resulting in low efficiency of social legislation and budgeting. The main reason for this is an INFORMATION GAP: residents and social workers lack do not have a reliable and user-friendly knowledge-base for rights and ways to realize them. Kolzchut answers this need.

The use of Kol Zchut by the ultra-orthodox in Israel seems lower than average, although the need is more than average.

Thus – enhancing the access of ultra-orthodox communities in Israel to information on rights and benefits, and allowing them to realize these, is a unique approach that will yield a substantial Social ROI.

The project includes two major efforts:

CONTENTS - adding, updating and arranging the relevant information for the ultra-orthodox in the Kol Zchut website. We will be creating a cultural sensitive entry and consumption points, of the relevant information:

  1. Relevant information that does not exist in the website
  2. Information that is not represented clear or not representing this community's needs.
  3. Change information that is not represented in a cultural-sensitive way


  • A concise mapping of information consumption channels of the ultra-orthodox communities, including media, internet, mobile, flyers, posters and various information mediators.
  • Tailor-made efforts to make the relevant communities and mediators not only aware of Kol Zchut, but also friendly and trusting it's added value and absence of harm to their basic values.
  • This includes training of customer-facing agents such as social workers and organizations serving the ultra-orthodox.


Project Budget: 22,000 US $

About Us


Kolzchut (All rights)  aims to enhance the take-up of rights and benefits by Israeli residents, by substantially improving access to information on these rights and how to realize them.

By integrating all information on rights, benefits and entitlements  in a centralized user-friendly website, “All Rights” (Kol-Zchut) has implemented a WikiRights platform in Israel that within less than 5 years of operation is already being used by 25% of the population

Major achievements as of 2014

  • In 2014 we served about 2,240,028  Israelis
  • More than 8,600 social workers and NGO’s staffers have been using the site intensively
  • We have more than 4,400 Hebrew pages, nearly 850 Arabic pages and about 540 pages in English content pages covering most relevant domains such as employment, elderly, health, education, Holocaust survivors, people who live in poverty etc.
  • About 100 partner organizations: government agencies, municipalities, NGOs and the Legal Clinics

For more information, please contact:

Einat Raviv
Partnership Manager
Tel: +972-52-4471557
Email: einat.raviv@kolzchut.org.il

Our Website: www.kolzchut.org.il

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