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Project Details

Kesher Yehudi needs to grant scholarships to 20 new students who will commit to learn in one Jewish-study-program they’ll choose by themselves, 4 hours a week.

Budget needed : $40,000


About Us


The aim of "Kesher Yehudi" is to create and enliven Israeli-Jewish centers in the higher education institutions in the country. In these environments students are confronted to a lot of cultural trends from the entire world.  Our ambition is to instill awareness that our Jewish values are a major milestone for attaining personal, family and national fulfillment.

Our three main goals :

  1. Positive reinforcement of the Israeli student society.
  2. bringing together different streams (keepers and non-keepers of tradition, with different views)
  3. Focus on the common denominator of the Jewish inheritance.

These centers give the students a warm home, a social space where everyone finds his place, can ask any question on any subject, and can choose among a rich program of and varied lessons, lectures and panels.These centers also offer social and cultural activities.

"Kesher Yehudi" is relevant for students who are interested in discovering the values they’re naturally connected to, but also for students who want to continue to learn and fulfill their Jewishness, and who need an accompanying frame.

For more information, please contact:

Moshe Peretz
Organization Manager
Tel: 054-5300526

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