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Project Details

Currently a series of projects initiated by members of Yad Ramah have been brought to life through Yad Ramah support – a Mikva project, Creative art for women, The Hugim project, a Film Creation Project, and the Networking project. Each of these projects gives opportunity for Yad Ramah members to exercise their leadership skills and contribute to the Israeli society in their unique ways.

Our vision is that Russian speaking olim will find their rightful place in Israeli society, be active and contributing members to this society and pass their sense of belonging to their children.

Currently we have a goal of raising $48,000 to finance Creative art for women project ($18,000) and Hugim project ($30,000) for the next financial year.


About Us


Yad Ramah, founded in 2012, is a grass roots organization that brings together young religiously observant Russian speaking families with non-observant Russian speakers interested in finding a spiritual outlet and a connection to Judaism.

Yad Ramah, through the bi-weekly meetings of the core local community and larger Jewish Holidays celebrations, aims to strengthen the core community and provide an opportunity for the observant population to interact with the less observant in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition for every Jewish holiday of the year there is a larger celebration, which gives Yad Ramah an opportunity to reach out to an extended audience.  These events designed for families, and offer a variety of activities for all ages.  For example the Purim celebration which attracts people from all over Jerusalem and the environs, offers a carnival for children, a tea party for adults, a non-traditional Megilla reading and more.  Other celebrations include Hanukkah, Tu’Bshvat, Succot, and more. Each one is designed to meet the needs of our audience with appropriate activities from clowns to live entertainment to inspirational discussions.

Yad Ramah also promotes leadership skills of its members and gives them opportunity to share their skills and talents with larger community through supporting and developing projects initiated by community members.

For more information, please contact:

Eliyahu Gladshteyn
Tel: 058-345-9635

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