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Project Details

Project: A Residence for Lone Soldiers

The Village is extremely proud that upon graduation, almost 100% of its graduates are inducted into the IDF - Israel Defense Forces. Each year, approximately 50 – 70 youngsters begin to serve their country for 2 (women) or 3 (men) years.


By building a residence for lone soldiers on the premises of the Village, these youngsters can enjoy the same comforts as the students – meals, laundry facilities, etc. Caring staff members will listen to their stories, and they have a welcoming peer group. Now, army leave will be a time of relaxation and rest instead of worrying about survival. While serving their country, the soldiers still feel part of the Village family.


We hope to construct an additional floor on an existing dormitory building with a separate entrance. This addition will include 10-12 living units with adjoining bathroom, a lobby/lounge, staff room/sealed security room, kitchenette and laundry room. Construction will begin in summer 2016 and is expected to be completed within 11 months.

To provide a home for Village graduates serving in the IDF who have no place to spend their weekends and holidays at because their parents live abroad.

Project: Music Excellency Program for highly gifted students

The Village is proud to offer an extended matriculation program in music and arts as part of the school curriculum.


In the 2015 school year we began with nine students majoring in Music, six of whom are highly gifted musicians. We want to help them fulfill their potential to the fullest.

The six students in our Music matriculation program participate in a joint project at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. This provides them with extracurricular musical training and tutoring by the best professors and teachers in Israel. It also allows them to use facilities and instruments for practice, workshops and courses. In September 2016 the program is expected to have 20 gifted musicians.

Students must pay tuition fees to the Academy. Since our students are new immigrants who made Aliya without their families, they cannot afford to pay the tuition.

This program enables our gifted students that are majoring in music to participate in the Jerusalem Academy of Music’s Excellency Program.

Project: MASA BE-ISRAEL - Traveling Israel Program

MASA BE-ISRAEL- a unique project of the Youth Village, aims to unravel and strengthen the Jewish, Israeli and Zionist identity of youth in Israel. Through workshops at the Village, built around personal, social and cultural activities, students prepare for the ultimate experience of becoming connected to the land of Israel. Students from all walks of life, Israeli born and those coming from more than 30 countries, have the opportunity to travel the land of Israel, visit historical sites and Biblical places. They learn to love and connect to Israel.


  • To clarify and strengthen the personal Jewish and Israeli identity. The majority of our students are new immigrants who make Aliya without their families. Many (especially those from the FSU) do not have a connection to their Jewish roots, Jewish identity and the State of Israel.
  • To increase the feeling of belonging and responsibility to the Jewish people, the land and the state of Israel.

To encourage the students to be a part of a larger Jewish community and become more involved.Through this program, our new immigrants have the same opportunities for field trips as Israeli-born students. We maximize our resources by including the students from our Magshimim program, a school for low functioning autistic youth, under the auspices of the Youth Village.

About Us


The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village established in 1949 to provide a home for holocaust orphans in the heart of Jerusalem, today helps new immigrant teens, as well as economically and socially disadvantaged Israeli-born youth by providing them a safe, nurturing educational community in which to live and learn -- and to reach their potential. The care, support, and opportunities at the Village help to transform the lives of these young people. The Goldstein Youth Village encourages pupils to become creative and independent individuals and to be proud Jews who contribute to and strengthen Israeli society. Open to youth of secular and religious backgrounds, and from many countries, the Village gives its almost 600 students hope for a better future.

For more information, contact:

Judy Segal -
The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village
P.O.Box 117, Jerusalem 91000

Our Website:

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