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Project Details

Establishing the world wide unity clock is a continuing project of the:  "truth clock" &

"Israeli clock" applications that are already exist in google & App stores.

The worldwide Unity Clock is aiming for all mankind and will be activated as a website widget. Our goal is to use the Worldwide Unity Clock in order to promote the third temple building, by bringing together all the people of the world. According to GOD'S promise

"כי ביתי בית תפילה יקרא לכל העמים" - my house is a house of prayer for all nations.

Since, according to our believe the third temple will be the beating heart of the world.

We chose to base the time periods and parts according to temple daily activities.

The website features: integrated clock combined with explanation (God's help will be ready in the near future) on the seven Noah Mitzvahs that are essential in this new period we live in. and it will give an explanation of the activities in the temple during the day.

The site will be translated into ten languages and distributed worldwide popular and promoted on Google in forty countries, and on screens, and hand watches.

We will appreciate any financial contribution to assist us in promoting this important project.

About Us


Hefetz HaUma Association was founded to be a partner in the process of amendment and salvation in practical developing a theory of life

One thing unique for our generation is the rapid pace of replacement in the consciousness of all of us; each generation is significantly different than the one before - for no apparent reason.

)Changing hearts and minds - Meaning: Divine proceeding, miraculously, without free will of man which is the basis for his mind, his imagination, his ability and development of human life and vitality is the main tool for improving the world.)

All five subjects that the association promotes seem bizarre from contemporary generation look, and really, for example, why replace the clock?

There isn't and there should not be an answer for generation who's whole life is external, but we should wait and look deeply inside because already now the Creator grows and builds the next step for the next generation, a step that will bring us closer and closer to the truth "God will be king over all the world" and to this new and clear mind we expect and hope for

And so; we operate in five directions that used by the man.

The change will be by the force of the spirit, by bringing the word of God with a bright and explanatory face

So that to stimulate the acceptance and goodwill of mutual support and love of Israel.

The way of the Torah - "The Torah's ways are pleasant ways and all its paths are peace."

We know and believe that "A new Torah will come forth from me"

In our world - "Business as usual"

And thus "Everyone will know me, both young and old"

By way of: "Renew our days as of old."

In exile God hid his face from us. When we returned to holy Israel land God reveals and says:

"Ronnie daughter of Zion rejoice that I am coming to dwell within you speech of the Lord" (Zechariah Chapter II)

For these expressions of joy we are aiming by adding closeness and sacred concept of time, purity in Mikveh

Close to Torah and inside residential and reinforcing the belief in resurrection.

We intend to improve and consolidate all the written text on sites by collaborating with smart and wise people.

We will be happy to get initiatives and actions from anyone, in these and other areas and will help as much as possible.

Everything stated in these sites is not rulings but guidance and clarification.

The Association team wishes everyone blessings and success.

Salvation of the world depends on lifting the prestige of internal acquaintance, by constant engagement in the depths of thoughts and feelings. Occupation secrets of the Torah will return the world to the same internal point, and return to light

(According to the Holy Lights A, 96)

And after all the deep study of the hidden and inner secrets, we had come to the conclusion, simple and clear, The work of a man should deserve by skillful action – increase good in the world, Between a man and his friend, and all the creatures on earth.

And ultimately, any private good, that one man does works, makes the better side of people and world, and anyway the world fixes.

(According to the Holy Lights C, 396)

For more information, please contact:

Tamar Nitsan
Email: hefetsha@gmail.com
Mobile: +972 547316260

Our Website: www.hauma.co.il

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