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Project Focus: Lior Program for Children and their Families - Nourishment from the very Beginning

Halev Foundation supports the Lior Program, lead by the Ms. Leah Mussari, an expert in early childhood development, with 30 years of experience in the field, winner of the Tel Aviv's Notable Person award. This program provides guidance to parents whom are foster placement alumni and their toddlers ages 0-4.

The Lior program focuses on the developmental continuum, dealing with language acquisition, thinking, developing motor skills, graphic-motor  abilities, socialization, values - norms and boundaries, object permanence and dealing with loss.

The Lior program develops and creates confidence building interactions between parent and child, enriches and develops the child and his relationship with his parents starting at birth. Guidance is given in small groups, maintaining social sensitivity and mutual respect. As part of this guidance observations are conducted in order to become familiar with the child's character and help him to grow and develop, while showing understanding, acceptance and respect of his skills and actions.

As is known, mothers who are foster care alumni, often have not experienced a strong mother-daughter bond and must construct a new model of parenting to suit their needs. The program provides parents with answers regarding child development, while guiding them in the right direction. Parent-child activities include singing, drawing, story time, building blocks, learning about colors and shapes, dancing, movement and lots of love. The image of the parent as a strong successful educational model is reinforced as parents are given tools and knowledge on how to cope with the challenges ahead. The children on the other hand experience an educational environment where they can fulfill their potential. As for the community, group work with the parents and nurturing their abilities enables effective utilization of community services.

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Mission Statement

Higher education has become an essential, worthwhile and economic investment, in preparation for tomorrow’s job hunting. Knowledge and skills as well as critical and creative thinking will be a must in the next century. This is also the perception of the general manager of Ministry of Education which was made explicit in the basic document for planned education toward decentralization and local management and enterprise, bringing about larger input of the individual and the community.

Institutions in Israel care for approx. 10,000 children between the ages of 6 and 14, some having been placed following court decisions due to harmful environment and others by parents unable to care for them. For these children whom have suffered neglect and abuse, concepts of home, family, support and the adult as a protective figure are unknown.

Unfortunately at the age of 14 to 18 many of these children drop out from their institutionalized homes. Only a small number of these children can return to more stabilized family situations, or are placed in Youth Villages, Kibbutzim or with foster families. Others find themselves deprived of any structured follow-up programs.

It is estimated that due to lack of adequate structure, approx. 30,000 teenagers between the ages of 15-18 drop out of the educational system and end up in the streets  every year.

"HALEV" was created in 1997 by Dr. Israel Sela and established itself in the heart of the Hatikva neighborhood, one of the poorest and most notorious areas of Tel-Aviv, to ensure that every at-risk child is given the best tools to become a fully independent adult. "Halev" primarily acts in those areas which are not budgeted by the Ministries of Welfare, Education and Health.

The Halev Project, which is based on the U.S. & Canada Independent Living Program (ILP), provides counseling and one-on-one guidance to help these adolescents develop skills, maximize their capabilities and find different areas of interest. Halev's skilled field workers come from the same background, but they graduated from high school, completed military service and academic studies, and therefore serve as role models to the children they mentor.

The mentors' main task is to develop a stable relationship with each child assigned to them, in order to identify any changes in the children's situation and help them overcome any problems or barriers that may stand in their way to achieving the goal of becoming active members of society. The main goal of the "Halev" is to grant opportunities to these children and youth at high risk, in order to enable them to grow up to be independent and productive adults.

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