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Project Details

The Friends of Nahal Haredi has recently established our Resource Center which provides us with the facilities to help us continue offering our services. We need your help in order to establish this unique center.
We have many dedication options including a synagogue, counseling rooms, seminar rooms and more.

We also have ongoing projects such as the mentoring program, marriage fund and scholarship funds.

About Us


The haredi society currently makes up over %10 of the Israeli population with an employment rate of over %50! The Friends of Nahal Haredis is dedicated to changing this by offering haredi youth assistance in setting life goals through career counseling and helping providing financial grants and scholarships to some of the country’s leading institutions.
We also work with different organizations in offering courses in English and other areas which will help them advance toward their career of choice.

As a result of these youth deciding to leave the traditional education system, many families choose to lose contact with their children. The Friends of Nahal Haredi currently runs three apartments which houses and feeds these boys. We also employ rabbis and mentors which are always available to give guidance and teach religious classes. We’ve also established a Family Outreach program that has successfully reconnected families with their children.

In addition to these services, the Friends of Nahal Haredi offers shidduch counseling and a wedding fund which supplies basic electrical appliances to haredi newlyweds in our programs.

For more information and dedication options, please contact:

Rabbi Tzvi leKbanow