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Project Details

Palliative Care
a. Emek is creating the first in-hospital comprehensive Palliative Care service in Israel. This service goes beyond Oncology departments and deals with patients facing end-of-life scenarios due to other diseases as well. The concept of refocusing medical energies from curing to the quality of remaining life demands educating and training designated medical personnel. When the inevitable arrives, our devoted team is focused on providing relief of pain together with emotional and spiritual peace of mind. Families welcome this dignified and humane effort.

b. Immediate need: $50,000 for a part time Physician and Nurse to begin a Palliative Care Outpatient Clinic in coordination with community healthcare and in line with international standards.

PICU / Pediatric Intensive Care equipment:
Our future depends upon our ability to save young lives that are in peril. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is a distinctive unit treating the most seriously ill children in the hospital. The Pediatric ICU is a 4-bed unit treating children under the age of 18 years with most of the patients being babies under one year old, usually suffering from respiratory failure or extreme conditions due to inborn malformations. We also admit pre and post-surgery pediatric patients as well as trauma patients – either from automobile accidents or victims of mass-casualty terror events. The Pediatric ICU also serves as an emergency facility in the event of a mass casualty event.

The department’s aging medical equipment, according to today’s medical standards; do not meet the requirements of babies, especially those in critical condition. To offer the best care enhancing our ability to save young lives, we urgently need the following better life-saving equipment:

• 4 life-saving Monitors for accurate readings of vital bodily functions (breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and temperature). Total $70,000 ($17,500 each)
• 2 advanced life-saving Ventilators for assisted breathing. Total $110,000 ($55,000 each)

About Us


The Emek Medical Center has established itself as a leader in Israeli healthcare, offering the highest quality of care to a diverse patient population. The Hospital’s CEO is Dr. Orna Blondheim, the first of two women to head a medical center in Israel.

Located in Afula in the Lower Galilee region, Emek serves more than 500,000 individuals throughout Northeastern Israel who are for the most part in the mid to low socio-economic range. The region is equally divided (50/50) between Jews and Arabs and Emek’s multi-ethnic staff and highest multi-cultural patient satisfaction ratings attest to the fact that Jewish/Arab collaboration is a normal element of daily regional life. As the region’s largest employer, Emek prides itself on its highly regarded staff of over 2,000 employees, 25 medical departments, over 60 Outpatient Clinics, laboratories, and educational opportunities. As the medical needs of the population have increased, Emek has routinely offered exceptional care to each of their patients. Emek is a 537 bed facility.

Since its inception in 1924, Emek has worked to pave the way towards peaceful coexistence through medicine, providing care to hundreds of thousands of people regardless of national origin or their religious beliefs: Jews, Muslims, Christians, as well as immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. The medical staff at Emek exemplifies compassion in all of their endeavors and serves the multi-cultural needs of the region’s population with dignity.

The hospital offers a wide variety of specialized services and departments, including eight surgical departments, oncology services, emergency medicine, cardiology services, perinatal services and an impressive spectrum of pediatric services. Within the context of these extensive services, Emek has created a comfortable and positive environment for all of its patients.

Emek employs a highly-regarded medical staff; and to ultimately improve its quality of care, Emek has developed extensive learning and teaching opportunities and works to educate leading medical students in their specialized fields and conducts ongoing clinical research in many of its departments. Emek has now created northeastern Israel’s first and only medical research center for the study of basic medical sciences, is now constructing the regions first and only rehabilitation center and has begun construction on northeastern Israel’s first Comprehensive Cancer Center. Emek is closely affiliated with the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion Institute of Technology. The Emek Chairman of OB/GYN, Professor Eliezer Shalev, just completed his tenure as Dean of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine.

Emek’s commitment to excellence in healthcare and the highest levels of patient safety have been vindicated.

Security is a major focus of Emek in addition to its offering comprehensive medical services. Emek is located in close physical proximity to Palestinian-controlled areas and has a strong understanding of the importance of precaution and safety. Just as Emek provides equality of care to its patients, we strive to ensure the highest level of security for all.

For more information, please contact:

Larry Rich
Director of Development / International Public Relations
Email: rich_l@clalir.org.il
Mobile: +972 505737641
Tel: + 972 4 649 4417