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Sherut Apartment Equipment

For the Israeli Bat Sherut, the Sherut apartment isn’t a home, but merely a roof for the week. However, for the lone Bat Sherut, that apartment is her home and entire life. Everything she has is there; she doesn’t get to go back home to rest or do the laundry on weekends. That is why the lone Bat Sherut needs a fully equipped apartment; a closet for her belongings, a washing machine, a hot plate and an electric urn for the weekends, a couch for the living room, a carpet, and other objects which turn a house into a home.

We, at the Bishvil Association, try to help the girls find additional furniture and electric equipment for their homes, and even provide volunteers who aid in moving and assembling it.

About Us


The Association was founded in order to assist girls who had left their families and familiar surroundings behind, so they could come to Israel, volunteer, and serve the country and its people by joining the Israel National Service (Sherut Leumi).

Each and every girl’s Sherut Leumi year is both exciting and challenging– all the more so when it comes to the lone Bat Sherut. The distance which separates her from her loving family and supportive environment; the transition into Hebrew – to her, a foreign language; and the integration into the unfamiliar Israeli culture, force her to face many challenges she has never faced before.

The Bishvil Association has taken upon itself to provide the lone Bat Sherut with a supportive environment, and to care for her many needs: from searching for a Sherut placement, through orientation towards the end of her Sherut Leumi, to guidance in whatever she may choose to do next.

The Association provides the lone Bat Sherut with technical and procedural support, and with personal guidance from ‘Big Sisters’ and adoptive families, and shows her kindness and consideration through personal visits, holiday care packages, and more.

Additionally, the Association organizes Shabbatonim and events that allow the lone Bnot Sherut to interact with other girls who also came to Israel on their own, and who face similar challenges, thus creating a social network. These meetings are meaningful for the girls, and facilitate their association with a supportive “peer group”.

The Association collaborates in full with the National-Civic Service administration, with the different Sherut Leumi associations, and with other organizations which aid young people in making Aliyah.

For more information, please contact:

Naama Ben-Pazi
Mobile: +972 524314198

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