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Project Details

Our Fundraising Missions and Goals

Hi I’m Ruthie, the director of the Birthday Angels Birthday Party Project.

We bring happiness and a positive sense of self to Israeli children, one child at a time, thousands of times a year. Here is how:

Remember that moment when you were a child, when you opened your eyes in the morning and realized that it was your birthday? Remember that feeling of warmth and excitement that flooded your heart?

Imagine if that day there was nothing special in store.

No party. No cake. No presents.

It was shocking for me to discover that there are hundreds of thousands of children who don’t celebrate their birthdays. Even more shocking was the discovery that many of them don’t even know when their birthday is!

If there is ever a time when our place in the hearts of our family and friends is reasserted, when we learn how much we are loved and belong, it’s on our birthday. Growing up without this hinders our healthy emotional development. It impedes our capacity to fulfill ourselves because without self esteem we won’t go far.

I’ve been doing parties for 30 years, first as a parent and then when I ran my own theme party company for people could pay for it.

But for the past 10 years, I’ve been making parties for children whose families can’t; boys and girls from disadvantaged families, children living in areas of conflict or ones that are sick and in hospital.

Is this really a problem?

Well as a matter of fact it is.

Since we started this in 2006 our Circle has powered parties for 35,000 children, run by volunteers and another 30,000 cakes were baked by volunteers for the parties as well!.

One out of every three families in Israel struggles to put food on the table. That pretty much puts birthdays on the luxury list.

So there’s definitely a need and we seem to have the answer.

It’s not that a birthday party is all these families need. But it’s something every child deserves whether we are rich or poor. Children know they are loved and valued when we tell them. Parties are a means to achieve this.

I’ve figured out a way to address this significant emotional need, en mass, and for free!

What’s my secret?

It’s called: The Circle of Giving

With one and a half paid staff Birthday Angels creates a unique “Circle of Giving” that mobilizes thousands of volunteer Angels and equips them with our unique “Party Kits” filled with games, decorations, original music and prizes to run an amazing, esteem building, fun and beautiful party.


  1. Let’s celebrate!

Goal: $54 dollars

Every donation of $54 makes a birthday party. We will equip an adult volunteer with a party kit and a cake made by another volunteer who we shidduch with a needy child. You’ll receive a thank you card from the lucky child sharing the joy.

The rest is magic.

  1. Birthday Party Kits

Goal: $54,000 to print another 10,000 party kits

Our stock is running low and it’s time produce more of our unique, do-it-yourself party kits that contain games, music, decorations and prizes. Our volunteers use these kits to make entertaining and esteem building parties with no fuss and all fun. Each game is about the Birthday Child and reinforces their positive qualities. It gives their friends a chance to get to know them better and celebrate with them.

If we reach our goal we will be able to provide parties for another 10,000 children and 400,000(!!!) of their friends and families. The system works and we send you their Thank You cards testifying what our research confirmed: Birthday Parties build self esteem!

So if you ask yourselves what kind of impact you can make, how to address a significant need for loads of people on the happiest day of their year, this is a simple, effective and rewarding opportunity for you.

It doesn’t take and magician to make the magic happen. You can be a part of this Circle of Giving and feel great knowing you provided someone with something you wouldn’t overlook for yourself or your kids, something every child deserves: to feel loved and that they belong.

It’s such a simple idea.

Be an Angel and sprinkle joy to reinforce their belief that they have all the reason in the world to celebrate their being a part of it.


About Us


Birthday Angels was founded in 2005 with the mission of building self esteem through innovative and scalable educational programs

  1. Birthday Angels Birthday Parties for children in need to feel loved and valued
  2. Teen Angels- A service learning initiative that builds confidence and self esteem
  3. Design for Change Israel- Employs design thinking to turn empathy into social action

Birthday Angels Birthday Parties: Since we began over 35,000 children from all over the country have celebrated their birthdays along with 1.5 million of their friends and families.

Teen Angels

Birthday Angels created a model that reaches thousands of children successfully each year on their birthday.

It turned out to be a great service learning and volunteer opportunity for teenagers.

In 40 communities around the country teens are giving happy birthday parties for kids whose birthdays would otherwise go unnoticed.

And their own self esteem swells as they give what they’ve learned to make the lives of other children happier.

Because it feels good to do good- especially when you succeed and are recognized for your work.

We’ve got a major Win/Win situation going on here!

Design for Change

Teaching children how to put empathy into action using a design thinking process

Birthday Angels brought the internationally celebrated Design for Change program to Israel and joined the largest global movement of children driving change in their communities. Design for Change trains educators to develop the skills children will need for the future making them better people and also better students. Each group chooses a project driven by a deep empathy and concern for a certain problem which they have identified, studied and ideated solutions which they implement. They share their stories in a national competition where one is chosen to represent Israel in the Be The Change conference celebrating children from 40 countries for their stories of change. The Ministry of Education has adopted it as a recommended intervention for the 21st century classroom that builds on all the strengths of the child and celebrates them for it.

For more information, please contact:

Ruthie Sobel Luttenberg
Tel: +972+98911696
Mobile: +972-523698391
Address: Hashaldag 9 Kadima, Israel 6092000

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