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Project Details

Project Focus: The Beit RachelStraus "Dream Academy"

For some people, in particular those with special needs, social isolation is a barrier to their enjoyment of what so many others take for granted – a "good life". It limits their ability to develop genuine relationships, find suitable employment, derive job-satisfaction and, in general, feel a valued part of the community.

The Beit Rachel Straus "Dream Academy" project aims at breaking the cycle of isolation for young adults with intellectual disabilities still living at home before they make the move into community living arrangements. We aim to become THE address for all who feel a need to belong, a welcoming environment where what they have dreamed about can become reality. The Dream Academy will provide the means and the tools to break the vicious circle of loneliness and inaccessibility that is the lot of many people with special needs in the Jerusalem of 2015.

The "Dream Academy" at Beit Rachel Straus has been developed for people with dreams. The first and only condition is that they cross the threshold… once they have done that there will be someone there ready and waiting to listen. If their dream has anything to do with a gym, music, art, computers, photography, gardening, movement, self-defense, watching movies or just having a chat with someone over a cup of coffee or tea, chances are that their desires will be realized within a very short space of  time.

Staffing this program, paying for refreshments, transportation costs in bringing young adults with special needs from around Jerusalem, equipment, administration costs etc. will cost $41,000 for the first year of operation.


About Us


AKIM-Jerusalem (http://www.akim-jerusalem.org.il/en/), established in 1951, is a non-profit association providing services to people with intellectual and other disabilities. Today, we care for 164 residents in three hostels and 17 apartments. We also administer a Family Support Center, which offers various services for a further 200 families who still have a member living at home, with special needs. These programs Include: Batsheva Chai Home Care support, Supported Independence and a "Tzaharon" Extended School Day program for 24 children, aged 7-15 at the Ben Yehuda School of Special Education. Five afternoons a week the children stay from 2-5 p.m. for a fun-filled, educational program specially designed for their needs while their parents can continue to work.

AKIM-Jerusalem's newest facility is its Center for Training, Treatment and Leisure at the Beit Rachel Straus building located next to its three hostels in Talpiot, Jerusalem. The new center has just completed a major renovation and refurbishment making it wheelchair accessible, as well as featuring supports for the visually and hearing impaired. It is now open for our clients with intellectual disabilities as well as for other people with special needs living nearby who are looking for purpose-built facilities to have fun, learn new skills and meet other people.

For more information, contact:

Miriam Marcus
email: mmarcus@akim-jerusalem.org.il | phone: 02-672-8731

Our Website: http://www.akim-jerusalem.org.il

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