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Did you know…

Canadian support has generously increased in response to the growing needs of the Israeli community.
Now there is a Canadian organization dedicated to providing a secure financial link between the two countries in addition to helping Israeli non-profit organization build a new donor base in Canada or strengthen an existing one.

Who we are

With offices in Toronto and in Israel, the Ne’eman Foundation provides Canadians with a wide selection of tax-deductible projects in Israel that are monitored to guarantee that allocated funds are used accordingly and comply with the requirements of Canadian tax legislation.

The Ne’eman Foundation provides timely transfers of funds to Israel, thus enabling Israeli non-profit organizations to implement their projects expeditiously.

What we do

The Ne’eman Foundation supports projects that reduce or eliminate poverty, advance education, religion and quality of life, and promote charitable initiatives for community development in Israeli communities. Additionally, we support projects throughout Israel that provide health care services and products that prevent and manage serious threats to health; projects that provide therapy to accident victims, as well as counseling and support to individuals with cancer. The Ne’eman Foundation also supports programs that provide Israeli public ambulance, paramedic, or firefighting services.

Chaim Katz, CEO of the Ne’eman Foundation

A native Canadian and resident of Israel since 1987, Chaim’s distinguished record of service in public and non-profit organizations spans nearly 30 years.

In the 1980’s, Chaim served as Director of a Jewish Agency sponsored Aliyah organization in New York. This was followed by financial management positions in the Koch Administration for the City of New York, and financial investments for a non-profit city-wide social service agency.

Following his Aliyah, Chaim served in a variety of senior executive positions in the non-profit world as well as the private sector. He has dedicated many years to working on behalf of Special Needs children in Israel, as well as programs for families in financial distress. He also served as Mayor of the Village of Shilo for 5 years. Since 1991, Chaim has also volunteered his time as Treasurer of a local Free Loan Society in Israel.

Chaim’s experience and familiarity with the non-profit worlds of Israel and North America enable him to offer professional guidance and service to the Ne’eman Foundation’s donors and recipients in Israel.


Chaim Katz

Chaim Katz, CEO of the Ne’eman Foundation